Scouts of The World Award

Scouts of the World Award (SOWA) is a Scout Network only award that gives Scout Network members the chance to undertake a project of their choice within the themes of Peace, Environment and Sustainability and take action on their chosen issue.

Information sheet

The outcome of SOWA is for the participant:

  • To play an active role as a global citizen in society
  • to progress on their personal development journey
  • to increase their understanding of global issues

Requirements of the award

To take part, you must:

  • be between 18 – 25 years old and a member of the Scout Network
  • register for the award by filling out a registration form after you have attended a discovery
  • create a plan for your SOWA project based on one or more of the three themes (Peace, Environment and Sustainable Development) with the guidance of your mentor
  • complete your SOWA voluntary project (80 hours) based on one or more of the three themes (Peace, Environment and Sustainable Development)
  • undertake an evaluation, personal reflection and local presentation (three hours) which should reflect your personal development, the project deliverables and how you have ensured the project is sustainable.

Your mentor will be able to offer you guidance throughout your award. After your presentation, your ACC (Scout Network) will confirm that the award has been completed and notify HQ Registration and completion forms can be found at


The SOWA discovery event (14 hours)

A SOWA Discovery event may take place as a residential event or a number of shorter events but should be a minimum of 14 hours of learning. These events help participants to explore the different themes and tools they will need to support their project.

The SOWA voluntary project (80 hours)

The project is a minimum of 80 hours. It should be based on one or more of the three key themes of the Award.

The presentation, evaluation and personal reflection (3 hours)

Participants should spend time evaluating their journey through the Award, as well as the project itself. The Award is not just about meeting the project aims but is also about the development of the skills, cultural awareness, knowledge and attitudes of the participants, as active global citizens.



Mentors are people who support young adults in achieving their
Scouts of the World Award. They will be allocated Scout Network members to mentor during their Scouts of the World Award project. This role would be on-going.


Trainers are an essential part of the Scouts of the World Award journey. SOWA trainers deliver the pre-prescribed training during the Discovery events. Trainers are required to deliver a minimum of two discovery events a year within your local area.

Interested in SOWA….Either as a participant or supporter. Want more information or to register your interest…then email Carl Meadows on